FAQ (Freaquently Asked Question)

Q :What is threading ?

A : Threading is a unique technique to remove unwanted facial hair.

Q : When does hair come back on Eyebrow after threading ?

A : Its defends in person hair grow pattern. Usually around two weeks.

Q : How to keep Eyebrow tint for longer?

A : Avoid using soup. wash less.

Q : How long do eyelashes extension last ?

A : Its defends. Around two weeks or longer.

Q : How to keep henna for last long ?

A : Avoid using soup and don't wash too much.

Q : How to remove eyelash?

A : If you can use lashes remover or use baby oil or Vaseline and rub it down slowly but don't rub on that may cause your lashes break.

Q :How to take care of skin after body wax ?

A : No rough activity gym or hot shower within 24 hours. apply tend skin lotion if you have ingrown problem. exploit your skin after 2 days.